Power Systems Design, (PSD), provides analysis, design and computation of electrical power systems, and dry utility consulting and design. Emphasis is placed on the quality of engineering designs and studies, and customer service and satisfaction. Services are provided at reasonable cost and are patterned to the specific needs and wants of the customer. PSD offers comprehensive engineering services by means of a “team” approach. A team of qualified individuals with specific expertise will be assembled to provide tailored service for your project.

Expertise is offered in the areas outlined below:

  • Design of high voltage transmission lines and substations, medium voltage overhead and underground distribution and service systems for utility and other projects.
  • Power systems performance calculations. (Power flow, short circuit, stability, protection and power factor studies).
  • Power systems management analysis. (Economics, load management, planning and reactive requirements).
  • Power systems interconnection analysis and contract evaluation.
  • Regulatory requirements for cogeneration and small power production projects.
  • System requirements for cogeneration and small power production projects.
  • Power systems claims and legal investigations, including expert witness testimony.
  • Complete dry utility coordination (joint trench installations) and streetlight infrastructure projects for residential, commercial and industrial projects.