Power Systems Design (PSD) was formed in June of 1985. This year, we celebrate our 33rd year providing high and medium voltage electrical power engineering and design services to public, private and municipal utilities; and many successful land developers. PSD’s range of expertise includes but is not limited to substation design, high voltage transmission line design, medium voltage distribution planning and design of residential, commercial and industrial power systems, and dry utility planning and design. Dry utility planning and design capabilities include the coordination of multiple party utility respondents for joint trench and substructure installations. PSD also provides planning and design for master planned communities, and renewable resource interconnection studies and design. PSD is currently a contributing member of the Treasure Island, Candlestick Point, Hunter’s Point, Pier 70, San Francisco Giants Seawall, and Potrero Power plant redevelopment project teams. PSD’s portfolio also includes many commercial campus projects in the Silicon Valley, and master planned communities in the central valley.